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The Ignite Finance

Ignite Finance is the first DeFi 3.0 Finance on Klaytn. The vision of Ignite Finance is to make it easier and more convenient for investors who want to monetize DeFi to provide high and sustainable yield returns. The DeFi scene is changing very rapidly. Even after Defi 2.0 (OlympusDAO), FaaS and NaaS called DeFi 3.0 are constantly created. We fully understand the limitations of each token economy, and we want to achieve our vision based on an ‘independent token economy’ that complements the rest.

Existing Limitations

  • Reserve Currency Projects (=OHM Forks, DeFi 2.0): Many DeFi 2.0 projects experience hyperinflation in token issuance due to the structure of paying high staking rewards as well as the vision of creating a “reserve currency” at the same time. This has traditionally caused serious price drops and lower interests rates, hurting many investors.
  • FaaS (DeFi 3.0): Many charge a high tax (12–15%) on all buy & sell transactions in which an aggressive deflation model is implemented. However, as investors have to pay at least twice the tax, once on the first purchase and once on the sale to realize a profit, this means that they will have to start investing with an unavoidable 25–30% loss. However, many Project’s investment principal (=Treasury) is a part of the tax (3–8% of the original transaction amount) and is considerably small. In other words, there is a dilemma in which more tax should be charged for the growth of the project.
  • NaaS (DeFi 3.0): The initial concept was a service that operates Blockchain nodes for you, but current mainstream node projects have changed into investing ‘investment funds’ in DeFi. Investors pay and use their funds as a cost to purchase a node to realize a profit through the node, and a considerable period (30 to 180 days) is required before one can “realize” their profits for the first time. This has limitations as exposing investors to additional risks from changes in token prices in the fast-changing DeFi World.
Ignite Finance seeks to solve these existing limitations in an intermediate way that takes advantage of each and minimizes all of the disadvantages. We will maintain the value of DeFi 2.0 through aggressive buybacks-and-burn functions that ensure the attractiveness of high returns can be maintained as long as possible. In addition, by investing the assets (=Treasury) accumulated by Ignite Finance through bond sales, etc., in various DeFi projects on the multi-chain, a more stable growth engine is provided. At the same time, we provide a service that allows anyone to easily invest in various DeFi projects, resulting in new continuous inflow.
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